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Dear Members,

We want to thank you for the interest of the community in the past weeks regarding the new policy regarding tolls. We received close to a hundred e-mails with concerns and questions, it is safe to say that the community at large approves and is willing to cooperate in our aim to make our community safer.

Although the concerns expressed may have common notes, the topics comprise a variety of issues that have been very useful for the design of a system that will. We want to reiterate that it is our intention to make the community safer in a way that interferes the least possible with access to your property.

In this sense, to be able to properly address all your concerns, we have decided to postpone vehicle registration and full operation of the toll booths. The final dates are yet to be determined; however, it is safe to assume that vehicle registration will happen either on the week starting on September 11th or 18th, and the toll booths will be fully operational in October 9th or October 17th.

Further information and instructions for registrations will be sent out in the coming weeks. 


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SRCOA Memorial 2023
We remember and honor those we have lost this past year
Ken Brown
John Bubel
Larry Mellon
Sandy MilBerg
David Snedeker
John Traub
Jeff Ware

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