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Dear Members,

The latest information we received from Split Rock is that the gates will be operational during April, without tolls.  This will allow all to become accustomed to the operation of the gates.  Following this test period, the toll is expected to go into effect in July.  Prior to the tolls going into effect, cottage owners will be contacted to register their vehicles and get their access passes.  However, we will have to see what actually happens. 

2024-2025 Split Rock Memberships

Mailing of the Spilt Rock 2024-2025 Membership Season have been sent to home owners.  If you have not received your application, please contact Mary Miller at Mary can also be reached by phone at (750)-722-9111 ext. 201, Monday through Friday.  She will be able to assist you with any questions or to meet with you.

Looking to meet other split rock home owners and participate in fun community activities? Consider joining SRCOA! Click here for more information!

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SRCOA Memorial 2023
We remember and honor those we have lost this past year
Ken Brown
John Bubel
Larry Mellon
Sandy MilBerg
David Snedeker
John Traub
Jeff Ware

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